Soft drinks – 청량 음료

Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Mirinda, Faxe kondi, Tonic, organic apple juice

Beer – 맥주

Cass korean beer, Royal Organic draft beer, Heineken Club, Sol, Albani IPA, Schiotz IPA, Kissmeyer Craft Young Lust, Lottrup stone street IPA
33 cl / 50cl

Soju – 소주

We serve full bottles, shots and cocktails. A variation of plum, apple, peach and lemon sojus. Baek Seju and Maewahsu also on menu. Korean Makgeolli rice vine.
Soju is the best known liquor from Korea.  It is distilled, vodka-like, rice liquor with high potency and often flavored similarly. It is smooth and clean in taste, which makes it easy to drink in combination with various Korean dishes. The main ingredient of soju is rice, , wheat, barley, and sweet potatoes.

Coffee – 커피

Coffee, Latte, Macchiato, Ice, Espresso, Cortado

Tea – 차

Korean signature tea
Ginger honey tea
Green tea
Citrus tea
Plum tea

So Aides – 레몬 에이드- 55 kr

Non alcoholic cocktails.
Plum Punch
Girls Generation

SSAM’s Soju Cocktails – 칵테일 – 85 Kr

Fresh Korean Soju Cocktails. see below.
Sojito: Sojumint, lime, mint and crushed ice
SoCooler: Soju, Honey, lemon and thyme
Plum Punch: Soju, Korean plum and lemon juice
SoBreeze: Soju, Pomergranate apple with grape juice
SoSinful: Soju, White wine, Rum, pineapple juice and blue curacao
Agwa bomb: Agwa and redbull, in doble bubble glass.
Girls gen: Maehwahsu and apple cider, berries and ice.
Sosassy: Soju, contreau, peach schnapps and cranberry juice, with agostino bitter.

Wine – 포도주 190 kr

SSAM's organic red or white wine. Full bottle or glass servings 190 for bottle 50 for glass