Blooming Bibimbab – 비빔밥 -95 kr

Freshly selected vegetables consisting of bean sprouts, carrot, zucchini,  mushrooms, cucumber, spinach and egg. Served with korean purple sticky rice and gochujang in a large bowl. Veggie option  
Topping: Bulgogi Beef, Spicy Chicken, Honey Pork

Dolsot Bibimbab – 비빔밥- 105 kr

Freshly selected vegetables consisting of bean sprouts, carrot,  zucchini,  mushrooms, cucumber and egg. Served in a traditional stone pot. Premium toppings are available as: Rib Eye Bulgogi Beef, Spicy chicken Spicy pork Bacon kimchi White korean tofu Red korean tofu
Bibimbap, which translates to "mixed rice" in Korean, is a signature Korean dish that endures because of its variability. For a meal in a bowl, a choose-your-own combination of sauteed vegetables, rice, sliced meat or tofu and a garnish of fried orsunny-side egg has something for everyone. This particular dish has hit all over Europe and USA, as the new super healthy food of this decade.

Korean fried chicken – 양념 치킨 fra 45 kr

KFC - Korean fried chicken. Perfectly house made chicken tender pieces with a variety of different marinade combinations. Served with slaw and salad. Three types are on the menu: Sweet and Spicy, Classic korean sauce that gives the chicken a delicious mixture of both flavours. Soy and Ginger, Home made soy sauce, mixed up with fresh ginger. Snowy, Creamy refined mayonnaise with a blend of black fermented garlic, lemon and a dash of roasted onions.

SSAM Buns – 빵- 105 kr

SSAM Buns are 2 pieces, stuffed with Bulgogi Ribeye Beef and melted Mozarella cheese. All come with spicy pickled cucumber and SSAM scallion chili salsa.
The western buns concept has been adapted to suit the street food culture of Korea. This style bun can be seen in most streets in seoul.

Kimbap – 김밥- 105 kr

Super healthy and tasty vegetable seaweed rice roll, with your choice of filling. Cream cheese/Walnut  -  Tuna/Mayo - Beef Bulgogi - Spicy Pork      
Kimbap is one of the most consumed snack and picknic dishes in Korea. Used for lunch boxes and dinner alike. Resembles a sushi roll, but with the taste and kick of korean spices and veggies. Truly a Korean Classic.

Kimchi Jiggae – 김치찌개- 95 kr

A hearty soul-warming stew made with kimchi, pork belly and tofu

Kimchi Stew is one of the most loved dishes in Korea. Even when you don't have much appetite, this is sure to fix it. You'll have no problem finishing a big bowl of rice with Kimchi Stew! As long as you have nicely fermented Kimchi, you can't go wrong with this one.

Chulpan Deopbap – 철판 덮밥- 105 / 110kr

Korean fried rice dish with various toppings of your choice. All served in a sizzling hot iron skillet.  
Choice of:
Kimchi fried rice, jaeyuk bokkeum, Bulgogi Beef, spicy chicken

Kids KFC – 59 kr

2 each chicken skewers, served with korean purple rice and non spicy housemade mayo. Perfect for kids

Green Protein bomb – 75 kr

Fresh Korean tofu salad with beans and house made sesame dressing

Chili heal me – 국수 75 kr

A light korean noodle salad with julienne vegetables and a spicy, sweet dressing. Perfect as your summer appetizer, or just for our healthy option.

Chicken in the SSAM – 국수 75 kr

Green salad with Chicken tenders. Perfectly seasoned with house made dressing.

Lava cake – 59 kr

Lava Cake, served with creamy vanilla ice cream. Sprinkled with light chocolate and chocolate sauce. Incl. Coffee or Korean Tea, of your choice

Korean Rice Cake – 59 kr

Traditional korean rice cakes, 5 pieces each with different fillings. incl coffee or korean tea